Medical care

Instruction for Medical Insurance Claims
Published:16 April 2019 Source: Author:IEC

1. 医院:限公立医院


Hospital Requirement: Public Hospitals

For examples:The nearest hospital to Dongfeng Campus Guangdong University of Technology,Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital or The First Affiliated Hospital,Sun Yat-Sen University.

2. 看病就诊:限普通门诊部;住院:限普通病房。

Outpatient:Ordinary Outpatient Department only.

Inpatient:Ordinary Ward only.

Emergency Hotline: 120

3. 申请理赔条件:在医院花费的费用超过650元的部分才能报销。

Claims Requirement:Costs spent at the hospital exceeded RMB650.The minimum payment of medical treatment for outpatient and emergency is RMB650. The remaining amount after deducting RMB650 will be reimbursed at a percentage of 85%.The exact amount of reimbursement will be decided by the insurance company.

4. 索赔材料

Claims Documents

After finishing the treatment in hospital, please prepare the following documents :


Photo copy of passport


Original invoice issued by hospital


Medical records for each time from hospital,the date on medical records and the date on invoice should be the same,related inspection or assay report form,etc.


Bank account information(Bank card statement)

Detailed instruction for hospital claims please visit