About IEC

The International Exchange College (hereinafter as IEC) is developed from the International Chinese Language Center of Guangdong University of Technology (hereinafter as GDUT). It is responsible for the enrollment, education and management of international students and the promotion of Chinese culture and degree programs.

In June 2005, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, actively creating conditions and expanding the scale of international students in China, GDUT launched the international Chinese language training program for international students and began to explore a new path for international education development. The program had achieved initial success: In 2004, GDUT had only 8 degree students. In 2005, the university enrolled 30 non-degree and 8 degree students from Russia, Vietnam and South Korea etc.

In order to further develop international education and attract high-quality degree students, GDUT had recruited four teachers specialized in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and established the International Chinese Language Center in June 2007, focusing on degree and non-degree education of international students. After years of teaching, research and international exchanges, the International Chinese Language Center had laid a solid foundation for the further development and upgrading of international student education of GDUT.

In February 2014, with the continuous expansion and years of development, in order to better integrate the enrollment, teaching, management and service of international students, improve the management system, and ensure the quality of international education, GDUT has established International Education Center as the specialized organization for international education and management on the basis of International Chinese Language Center. It is responsible for the enrollment, teaching, daily management and service of international students as well as alumni association.

Since 2014, with the continuous opening of China's higher education around the national strategy, especially after the central government and Ministry of Education published the documents such as "Opinions on Doing a Good Job in the Opening of the Education in the New Era", "Promote and co-construct the "Belt and Road" Education Action" and "Regulations for the Recruitment and Cultivation of International Students in Schools", the university further improved the education management system for international students in China, established International Student Counselors at IEC, and set up GDUT Scholarship for international students,which has formed a diverse system of qualifications for studying in GDUT.

In September 2018, the university piloted International Economics and Trade (For International Student) English-taught course at IEC. The number of first enrollment of international degree students in the countries along "Belt and Road" was 36, which were taught in two classes. In March 2019, IEC cooperated with the specialized school to further promote the construction of the curriculum system in English Course.

In 2019, IEC is continuing to promote the English-Taught Undergraduate Programs, two classes of 2019 International Economics and Trade Undergraduate Program were enrolled, and the first enrollment of 2019 Computer Science and Technology Undergraduate Program was 17.

Under the guidance of the higher education, Exit-Entry Administration and other departments, the education of international students at GDUT has experienced a process of the scale of development and structural optimization. IEC closely focuses on the goal of studying in China in terms of "expanding scale, improving quality and increasing efficiency",actively acting, docking and undertaking education for international students in China, cooperation courses, foreign-related educational cooperation, and promotion of Chinese culture. At the same time, IEC carried out the characteristic education activities for international students in China, including the Guangzhou English Channel in the Han Pei teaching, the establishment of the International Student Union, the Guangzhou Friendship games won the collective and individual project champions, and the international student team won the GDUT football championship etc.

As of November 2021,the University established International Exchange College on the basis of International Education Center. IEC takes enrollment, administration and services functions of international students at Guangdong University of Technology for its main task, and also undertakes the Chinese language training for international students.

IEC will take the initiative, act bravely and work around the national strategy and the university international strategy, continuing to rely on the innovation platform and the professional dominant disciplines of GDUT,striving to promote perspectives and understanding of international cultures,making GDUT an ideal learning base for international students, and make greater contributions to the construction of high-level universities and the opening-up of education.

Updated May 2024