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As an international student, you are not eligible for any Chinese welfare assistance, and if you are uninsured, you are held legally responsible for paying all your medical expenses during your stay in China.Without insurance,you might experience financial ruin resulting from a serious accident or illness. This could prevent you from completing your studies in China.

The regulation of Ministry of Education of China requires that all international students must be medically insured throughout their entire planned period of study. International students are required to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan online before the registration or on the day of registration.The insurance will cover the cost of any possible accident and the medical expenses of major diseases in hospital,also offer medical aid in an emergency for international students.Students can purchase the medical insurance from Ping An Insurance Company of China.The company will provide insurance service card and the number 400-810-5119 for consulting and claims.Without valid medical insurance,international students are not allowed to register.

The medical insurance recommended by Ministry of Education is "Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for foreigners Staying in China" of Ping An Insurance Company.

Premium: RMB800/12 months, RMB400/6 months. This insurance basically covers the fees of accidental injury in public hospitals and major diseases in the hospitals of mainland China (excludes Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Plus, it provides the service of emergent medical aids.

For Enquiry

Mr LI Haotian,Ms YE Jiayi

International Student Affairs Office

Tel.: 0086-20-37626172


Office: Room 721,Library Building,Dongfeng Campus,GDUT

Address: No.729 Dongfengdong Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou,P.R China (510090)

Detailed insurance plan in different languages can be found in the attachment.

a.Insurance plan Chinese

b.Insurance plan English

c.Insurance plan French

d.Insurance plan Korean

e.Insurance plan Russian

f.Insurance plan Spanish

g.Insurance plan Vietnamese

Notice: Hospitals involved are limited to the public hospitals established within the border of Chinese Mainland, and the medical treatment is limited to the items of free medical service.