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2021 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice
Published:9 June 2021 Source: Author:IEC

All International Students,

In accordance with the announcement on the Dragon Boat Festival by the State Council of China, the university decided to have THREE days off for the holiday, which is from June 12 (Saturday) to June 14 (Monday).The arrangement is as follows.

I Holiday Arrangement

1. Holiday from 12 June (Saturday) to 14 June (Monday).

2. Examinations between 12 June and 13 June proceed as scheduled.

3. Classes will resume on 15 June (Tuesday).

II Staff Duty

1. 12 June (Saturday),Ms Wang. Tel.:37627482,15622103186

2. 13 June (Sunday), Mr Zhang. Tel.:37626171,18928968997

3. 14 June (Monday),Ms Zhuang. Tel.:37626172,15914219031

III Kindly Reminder

We would like to kindly remind you again, during this special period, please continue practicing proper personal hygiene and actively cooperate when measures are taken to prevent the risks caused by COVID-19.

Any emergency, please contact us ASAP.

Have a good holiday!


9 June 2021