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First batch of Int'l students get the COVID-19 vaccine
Published:19 April 2021 Source: Author:IEC

On 16 April, first batch of int’l students from Bangladesh, Mozambique, Jordan, Senegal, DR Congo, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Equatorial Guinea received their COVID-19 vaccination at Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital as Guangdong has started COVID-19 vaccination process for expats since 12 April 2021.

Int’l students signed an Informed Consent for COVID-19 Vaccination before preparing for a health inquiry from the doctors, then carried their passports for registration and lined up to complete the injection procedures. Bilingual signs and registration procedures helped with communication at the site, and there were also volunteers to help out with the on-site process.

The first recipient RUPO ASIF HAQUE from Bangladesh, he has intensified his confidence in Chinese vaccines against Covid-19, especially when he knew that many Chinese faculties and students from GDUT had been inoculated. OMAR AHMAD MOHAMMAD ALSAKRAN from Jordan told the reporters from Nanfang Daily and Guangdong Television that the Chinese vaccines made him feel safe, his family members in Jordan had been received the shot of Chinese vaccines. He said he was eager to receive the shot but finding an appointment on the hospitals designated proved difficult, he was excited to receive the vaccination with the help of IEC group appointment.

In addition, some teachers of IEC were vaccinated together with int’l students at the sites.


19 April 2021




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