【Bilingual】Important Reminder from Guangdong CDC
Published:8 October 2022 Source: Author:IEC




Important Reminder from Guangdong CDC

The Following People Must Take Two PCR Tests within Three Days in Time

返程前 Prior to returning to Guangzhou


It is recommended to voluntarily take a PCR test.


Please prepare enough basic medical supplies such masks and hand disinfectant.


Please check the latest local COVID-19 control and prevention policies in your destination on the State Council MiniProgram in advance. Alternatively, you can contact local disease control authorities for more information. Please keep yourself informed about the latest information on COVID-19 and the COVID-19 control and prevention policies in your destination, and make your travel arrangements accordingly.



Press and scan the QR code

to check the latest COVID-19 control and prevention policies of different places

返程中 During your trip to Guangzhou

积极主动扫“场所码”,配合车站、机场、服务区等交通站场的疫情防控要求。Please scan the Place Code and comply with the COVID-19 control and prevention requirements of transportation hubs such as coach stations, airports, and service areas.


Please wear masks properly, practice social distance, and pay attention to hand hygiene.

返程后 After arriving in Guangzhou

在交通站场进行一次落地检。Take a PCR test at the airport, railway station, or coach station upon arrival.

所有跨省、跨市出行人员返程后要及时开展核酸三天两检。All people who have returned from another province or another city must take two PCR tests within three days in a timely manner.


In the week following your return to Guangzhou, please closely monitor your health condition every day.If you experience COVID-19 related symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell or taste disorder, and sore throat, etc., please seek medical attention at a professional medical facility as soon as possible.Please refrain from using public transportation and attending group activities before receiving your PCR test result.


Please pay close attention to updates on the designation of medium- and high-risk zones in China and closely follow latest developments in the epidemiological situation. You must report to local community immediately if a) you have been to places where medium- and high-risk zones are located; b) your travel history overlaps with that of positive cases; c) your health code is not green.

Source from 广州外事

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