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Notice on Expelling International Students
Published:16 April 2021 Source: Author:IEC

According to Provisions on the Administration of Students in Regular Institutions of Higher Education (MOE 2017 Revision), Implementation Measures for Enrollment Management of Full-time Undergraduate Students of Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT 2020 Revision) and International Students Administration Regulations of Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT 2014 Revision),school shall start expelling process to students who failed to go through registration procedure.

Due to the fact that the following students are not in China mainland, paper notice cannot be sent to them in person. International Education Center has already sent Notice on Expelling Non-registration International Student to them on 8 March and 30 March 2021 by Email respectively to remind them completing the relevant process.

According to related rules of GDUT, IEC hereby make a public announcement on expelling Non-registration International Students.If the regarded students have reasonable objection to the above decision,please submit the statement and appeal to Teaching Affairs Office within 10 working days (Beijing Time) from the date of this announcement. Failure to submit statement or appeal within the stipulated time shall be regarded as a waiver of relevant rights.

Contact: Ms Xie Xiaohui

Tel.: 0086-20-37627482

Email: ieccenter@gdut.edu.cn

Teaching Affairs Office


16 April 2021

Annex:International Students Name List

Notes:In case of any inconsistency occurs, the Chinese version of notice shall prevail.