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Lyric Robot Visited IEC for Cooperation
Published:20 September 2022 Source: Author:IEC

On 16 September, Mr Jia Mingcheng, Manager of Foreign Affair Department of Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd (Lyric Robot) , visited International Exchange College (IEC) with executive on talent training and recruitment cooperation.

On behalf of IEC, Mr Huang Xincheng welcomed Mr Jia Mingcheng's visit to school, and made a detailed introduction to the current development situation of int'l students education in line with international strategy,particularly the newly launched "1+2+3" strategy of the university.Jia Mingcheng introduced the recent development of Lyric Robot and its oversea business strategy.

Both sides further carried out in-depth exchange of ideas on such issues as int'l students recruitment, school-enterprise cooperation.