Guangzhou suspends personal appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine
Published:1 June 2021 Source: Author:IEC


From May 31,Guangzhou has suspended residents' personal appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine, and accepts vaccination group appointments for key population and industries first, said Li Ming, vice mayor of Guangzhou at a press conference today (May 31).

According to Li Ming, Guangzhou has taken such a decision for the following considerations. At first, Guangzhou is devoting much medical resources in massive nucleic acid testing, medical observations and health monitoring of residents.

In addition, citizens' increasing willingness to get COVID-19 vaccines has made the city's vaccination sites overcrowded. Hence, the city has decided to suspend personal appointments for COVID-19 vaccines in an effort to reduce the risk of infecting others or contracting the virus.

During the suspension period, citizens are requested not to go to the waiting areas at the vaccination sites as this may create cases of gatherings.

As of 4 pm, May 31, about 10.11 million residents have been vaccinated with 13.13 million dozes of vaccines against COVID-19 in the city, since Guangzhou started the massive vaccination drive in March of this year. About 3.25 million residents have been fully vaccinated to date.