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Class Absences Policy
Published:6 June 2019 Source: Author:IEC

I Class Absences Policy

1. In the event that you are unable to attend classes due to unavoidable circumstances such as significant illness or injury, please inform your instructors of your absence from classes.

2. For scheduled, School-approved events that require students to miss class, such as visa appointment, students are expected to personally inform the instructor in advance of the planned absence. This notice should be given no later than the last class before the anticipated absence. If a student fails to notify instructor in advance of approved absences, the instructor may consider the absence unexcused.

3. For Unexpected events that result in missed classes, students should contact the instructor as soon as is reasonably possible. This contact may include Wechat messages or phone call.

II Short-Term Absences

If a student is absent for Within ONE Weeks due to personal illness or injury, please fill in the "Request for Leave Permit" and submit it to your instructor. Please note that this "Request for Leave Permit" does not automatically guarantee approval of the absence.

A"Leave Permit"cannot be issued for personal family issues. If you will be absent for reasons other than those shown below (such as visa application, significant illness or injury), please consult directly with your instructor.

III Application Method

1. Fill in the form "Request for Leave Permit" and print it out.

2. Attach an official original Medical certificate or Certificate of Hospital Visit that clearly states the reason for and duration of absence, as well as an original receipt for medical services. Submit the sea long with the form "Request for Leave Permit" to your instructor.

3. The instructor will check your official medical certificate and original receipt for medical services. If there are no mistakes, the staff member will sign and stamp the "Request for Leave Permit" with the office seal and return it to the student.

4. The student will submit the stamped forms to the professors.

IV Long-Term Absences

In the event a student is absent for more than one third of the term of a semester due to illness or personal injury, the student must prove his/her absence with an objective document. The absence must be due to illness, injury (only in the case of hospitalization), or infectious disease, and the absence must be proven by official documents.

V Application Method

Students must notify the instructor and International Student Affairs Office as soon as a situation requiring a long-term absence arises. Students must file an application along with official original certificate which includes the period of hospitalization or treatment and the reason for her/his class absence and original medical expense receipts.


1. In all cases, it is the student's responsibility to initiate contact with the instructor and head teacher.

2. Students who abuse the absences policy will be considered to have committed academic misconduct. Examples of abuse include falsifying an illness or family emergency, falsely claiming that attendance at the event is required, falsely claiming to have attended an event, or falsely claiming that an absence is School approved. If an instructor determines that a student is guilty of an abuse, the instructor should treat it as they would any other instance of academic misconduct.

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