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Procedure of Guardian Notarization
Published:24 July 2019 Source: Author:IEC

Applicants (Parents not resident in China) under the age of 18 (by date of the year of application) shall provide certified documents of designation signed by their entrusted legal guardian in China.

1. Parents designate a Chinese citizen with valid Guangzhou resident certificate, or foreigner with valid Work Visa in Guangzhou as the guardian of the student during his/her study in Guangzhou, and parents issue an Authorization Letter of Guardian (click to download).

2. The authorization letter of guardian should be translated to a Chinese version and to be notarized by the notary office in your country.

3. The notarized document (with English version and Chinese version) should be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

4. The notarization documents for the guardian should be submitted to International Exchange College of GDUT with other required documents for application.

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Authorization to the Guardian

未满 18 周岁(截至申请当年时间)的申请者(父母未在中国常住),需提交在华监护人委托证明相关文件。办理步骤如下:





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