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MFA: Chinese Visa Application Forms Optimized
Published:21 September 2023 Source: Author:IEC

Chinese Visa Application Forms Optimized

In order to further facilitate visa application for foreigners, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has optimized visa application forms for foreigners traveling to China after consulting with relevant departments.

The optimization involves 7 major items and 15 sub-items, which are mainly related to the applicant's educational background, family members' information, past travel experience, etc. Textual content of the application forms will be considerably reduced. For example, the coverage of "past travel experience" is cut from five years to one year and "educational background" only entails the applicant's highest degree. Applicants will spend much less time filling in the forms and expect a more streamlined visa application process.

The new version of the visa application forms will be launched on September 20, 2023. The MFA will, as always, facilitate people-to-people exchanges between China and foreign countries to promote China's high-quality development and opening-up endeavor.





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