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Chinese Language Short Video Competition Notice
发布时间:2020-11-13来源: 作者:IEC

Chinese Language Short Video Competition for Intl Students

IEC is sponsoring the Chinese Language Short Video Competition to reflect the international students’ perceptions of GD province. This competition aims to encourage the international students to share their story in GD and to strengthen the friendship between expats and Chinese people.

Theme:Study in Guangdong: My Most Fun Experience


1. The video share what you have seen, heard, felt and gained especially highlight your fun experience in GD. Video should be original and compliance with laws and moral rules, conform to the theme of event. Authors assume all legal responsibilities for their entries. Plagiarism will lead to severe consequences and is strictly prohibited.

2. Video should be a maximum of 3 minutes long, and be shot horizontally with a resolution of not less than 720P. You should add both English and Chinese subtitles to video, including your name, nationality and university in the video/subtitles.

3. The video should be sent to ivy_59@qq.com before December 30,2020.

IEC will constitute a panel to review the submitted videos and recommend excellent videos to Guangdong Association for International Education Management.

Contact: Ms YE Jiayi, Tel.: 37626172

International Student Affairs Office

13 November 2020

“留学广东 印象岭南”汉语才艺短视频比赛通知

接广东省高等教育学会外国留学生工作委员会 “留学广东 印象岭南”汉语才艺短视频比赛通知,转发如下。


二、征集时间:2020年11月13日至2020 年11月30日


1. 内容:从自身视角,采取用汉语演讲、歌唱等方式讲述在广东学习期间的有趣经历。讲述内容应积极向上,无政治性争议。确保原创,不得抄袭。保证短视频具有一定美感。

2. 格式:视频需横屏拍摄且分辨率不低于 720P,总长度不超过 3 分钟,需配中英文字幕,视频(或字幕)中需加入学生简介,包括姓名、国籍、就读院校。

3. 作品须于2020年11月30日(星期一)前发送至电子邮箱ivy_59@qq.com