Guangdong issues alerts for the upcoming "No.7 typhoon Higos"

Guangdong issues alerts for the upcoming "No.7 typhoon Higos"


2020-August-17 Source:GDToday

A tropical disturbance to the east of the Philippines has strengthened into a tropical depression as at 5 p.m yesterday, August 16, the National Meteorological Center said. It may develop into this year's seventh typhoon "Tropical Storm Higos" within 24 hours.

Today (August 17) the center of the tropical depression has arrived over the sea about 1,320 kilometers southeast of Zhanjiang, Guangdong province at 5 a.m.. The maximum wind force near the center has reached 15 meters per second. It is estimated that the tropical depression will move northwestward at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour, and will land in the northeast of Hainan province and the west of Guangdong sometime from Wednesday night to the early morning of Thursday.

7-Day weather forecast for Guangzhou

Due to the tropical depression, thunderstorms and scattered heavy rain will once again batter Guangzhou from August 18th to the morning of 20th. The wind will reach 4-6 levels in most areas.

August 17th (Monday), thunderstorms, 27-34℃

August 18th (Tuesday), thunderstorms and scattered heavy rain, 27-33℃

August 19th (Wednesday), scattered torrential rain, 25-32℃

August 20th (Thursday), heavy rain with chances of showers, 25-30℃

August 21st (Friday), thunderstorms, 25-31℃

August 22nd (Saturday), thunderstorms, 26-33℃

August 23rd (Sunday), thunderstorm and scattered heavy rain, 26-33℃

For your information, please stay safe during typhoon Higos and follow the latest news of Higos.

1.Clear the outdoor windowsill and close the doors and windows.


2.Do not take shelter in temporary buildings, billboards, towers, trees etc.


3.Stop cycling and riding e-bikes. If driving, drive immediately to an underground parking lot or shelter.


4.If you encounter a roadblock or a flooded road, take a detour.


5.Stay away from slopes, river banks and low-lying areas.


6.Remember the Emergency Number 110 and the Fire Emergency Number 119.


Any emergency,please contact your headteacher or counsellor.



August 17,2020

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