Notice on Application for On-campus Accommodation During Winter Vacation


Notice on Application for International Students On-campus Accommodation During Winter Vacation

Dear International students,

The Winter Vacation time of GDUT is from (Saturday) 11 January to (Thursday) 13 February.

We wish you all a happy and safe winter vacation!


According tothe Regulations on Administrations of Students Dormitory of GDUT, during holidays including summer and winter vacations, international students who wish to stay at the dormitory should report to the International Student Affairs Office of IEC prior to staying. Dorm fee for summer and winter vacations will be charged in accordance with the related rules of GDUT.

The school will accept students' applications for on-campus accommodation during winter vacation in accordance with relevant procedures.


Those who do not make an application will be considered as not staying on dormitories during the winter vacation. For safety reasons, related dormitories without approval will not provided with electricity during the vacation.



Application Time: (Tuesday) 31 December, 2019 to (Friday) 3 January, 2020


Application Procedures: please scan the QR as below

International Education Center

31 December,2019

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