Invitation to GZ photography competition

Invitation to GZ photography competition


To promote friendship between Guangzhou and other international cities, the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government and Guangzhou Daily are organizing a photography competition themed "Foreigners' perspective on Guangzhou", encouraging foreign photographers and enthusiasts to discover and capture the beauty of the city.

The pre-competition events include collecting materials for photographic works, training participants on using mobile phones and professional photography equipment, which will be carried out by Guangzhou Daily.

We sincerely invite foreign photographers and photography enthusiasts to participate in the competition.


1. Theme of the photography competition

"Foreigners' perspective on Guangzhou"

2. Objects of the photographic works

City in development, scenery around me, the people I met, unforgettable delicacies, harmonious ecological environment, etc. The works need to be creative and innovative, showing the dynamic life and beauty of Guangzhou.

3. Awards

First prize (1 person): Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Second Prize (2 people): DJI "Osmo Action" sport camera.

Third Prize (3 people): DJI "Osmo Mobile" mobile phone gimbal.

Excellence Award (10 people): Huawei tripod selfie stick.

4. Requirements of the photographic works

a. The number of submitted works is not limited. Each file size should not be less than 3MB. Each group of photos should be limited to 3~8 pieces.

b. Mobile phones, cameras and drones are allowed to be used. No mounting, no watermarks and no violation of authenticity.

c. Deadline for submission: 18:00 on October 15th.

5. Submission

The photographic works should be named "Foreigners' perspective on Guangzhou + name + nationality + phone number + the name of photographic works", compressed and packaged in a folder, then sent to the email address of the Department of photography of Guangzhou

6. Offline events

Two events of collecting materials for photographic works will be led by Guangzhou Daily photojournalists, who will train the participants on-site to discover and photograph beautiful Guangzhou.

Name of the first offline event: Beautiful Yong Qing Fang in the Dynamic Ancient City

Event time: October 10th, 14:00-17:00

Event place: Yong Qing Fang

Team leader: Guangzhou Daily Photojournalist Su Yunhua

How to participate in the event: Send the following information "Name + Nationality + Age + Equipment + Phone number + I want to participate in Foreigners' perspective on Guangzhou" to the official WeChat account GZphotos.

Registration deadline: 18:00 on October 7th

Notification time: before 18:00 on October 8th.

The second event for collecting materials will be held at the Guangzhou Media Center.

Please follow the official WeChat account of GZphotos (WeChat ID: GZphotos) for more information.

7. Manuscript authorization statement

The act of summiting photographic works is deemed to have expressly agreed to authorize the organizer or the co-organizer to use the submitted works for non-commercial purposes such as exhibition or publicity.


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